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In response to the unprecedented winter weather and freezing temperatures, we're going to close on Wednesday and Thursday of this week (Feb. 17 & 18) with plans to reopen on Friday (Feb. 19), we hope with new comics. At this time, we don't have our full complement of new issues to sell, and due to the hazardous traveling conditions and rolling blackouts in the area, we feel it would be safer to wait until Friday to return to serving our loyal customers.

We hope all of our wonderful customers are staying safe and warm through this difficult event. 

We apologize for the delay, and we look forward to seeing you when we can.

Here are the best-selling comics for the week of Feb. 10 

1. Future State Dark Detective #3
2. Future State Superman Wonder Woman #2
3. Darth Vader #10
4. Future State Robin Eternal #2
5. Green Lantern Season Two #11
6. Rorschach #5
7. Future State Green Lantern #2
8. Radiant Black #1
9. Future State Teen Titans #2
10. Future State Justice League #2



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